About the Festival


The Australian government’s principal cultural diplomacy initiative, Australia now, will for the first time be held in Latin America. The Festival has previously delighted audiences in India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Turkey and in 2016 it is coming to Brazil.


During April and May of this year, Brazilians all around the country will have the opportunity of experiencing the innovation, diversity and vitality of the Australian cultural panorama, from the 60,000 year-old traditions of Indigenous Australia to the cutting edge technologies of today.


Through music, circus, visual arts, dance, theatre, multi-media, fashion, gastronomy, community engagement, cinema, sport and photography, Australia now will promote collaboration and exchange between Australian and Brazilian artists, educators and researchers. The Festival, the most important cultural initiative Australia has ever held in South America, is aimed at bringing Brazil and Australia closer together through culture and the arts and is designed to leave lasting legacies right around Brazil.

The Hon Julie Bishop MP
Minister for Foreign Affairs

Australia now – showcasing our creativity and innovation to coincide with the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic Games – is our most significant cultural program ever staged in South America.

Featuring Australian food, film, fashion, photography, music, Indigenous ceremony and dance, as well as theatre, visual arts and sporting prowess, Australia now will represent the vitality and diversity of contemporary Australian culture – from the 60,000 year-old traditions of Indigenous Australians to modern-day cutting-edge technologies, and much more.

Distinguished Australian artists, companies and organisations will hold events in ten cities across Brazil. Several of these organisations will also travel on to Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Lima, creating a platform for future exchanges across Latin American.

Australia now  represents the importance of people, knowledge, diversity and ideas to the making of contemporary Australia as an innovative and inclusive nation. 

Australia’s creative industries, in fashion and music, our world-class education and research facilities, and our experience in mining, agribusiness, water management and financial services will be showcased throughout the festival. 

I congratulate all who have contributed to  Australia now, placing our creative and innovative talent and industries at the heart of our engagement with Brazil and the Latin American region.

Juca Ferreira
Minister of State for Culture

For many of us Brazilians, Australia is a world set apart. A place of very rare and very different things from what we have here. But at the same time, we are able to see a lot of harmony between our cultures. For Brazilians of my generation, since we were very young, literature and movies planted in our imagination, an image of Australia as a desert surrounded by oceans. A country-continent, where an enormous outback spreads out from its cities. A young population, a population that came from all over the world. A nature filled with extreme conditions, and full of differences.

On the other hand, we are both big countries in the Southern Hemisphere, products of colonisations by different cultures, but with similar elements. There and here, we have our ancestral people, who support and teach us to this day. They are the oldest characters in the story we are telling together. Ancient people, with a strong perception of what is sacred, and of what the existence of the sacred entails. Endowed with a culture and an art that inspire us and that are revealing to us.

In Australia, just like in Brazil, many are the voices that need to be heard. The majority are voices of youngsters that question us about the future, who set out their doubts and fears regarding the future. In the midst of so many voices, we must give special attention to the eldest ones. Maybe they have, over the centuries found some answers to the crucial questions that we are only now asking. A new (and old) way of facing life in our planet, our relation with Nature.

Culture is the best gateway for distant populations to try to come together. Bringing our musicians, painters, poets, dancers, singers, playwrights together. The festival “Australia now” is a small drop of Australian culture brought to our Brazilian audiences, but for them, it will surely be an ocean of stimulus, of inspiration, of revelations about our common destiny on planet Earth.

Ficha Técnica

Australia now

Produtor Executivo Mark Bromilow
Gerente de Patrocínio Marion Walshe
Gerente de Comunicação Juliana Schmidt
Coordenadora de Produção Mari Savarese
Produção Fabi Toschi
Priscila Lacerda
Bianca Freitas
Felipe Moreira
Assistente Administrativa Carla Abbondanza
Designer Nelson A Kawakami
Assistente Editorial Helena Dutt-Ross
Assessoria de Imprensa Jeffrey Group

Embaixada da Austrália no Brasil

Embaixador da Austrália para o Brasil Exmo. Sr. John Richardon
Ex-Embaixador da Austrália para o Brasil Exmo. Sr. Patrick Lawless
Vice-Chefe de Missão Tracy Reid, OAM
Ex-Vice-Chefe de Missão Quinton Devlin
Conselheira e Cônsul-Geral Marion Walshe
Segunda Secretária Peta Compton
Segunda Secretária Lizzie Landels
Programa de Desenvolvimento Administrativo Kathryn Hammond
Contadora Cynthia Lima
Oficial de Pesquisa Marcela Formiga
Gerente de Recursos Humanos Nadia Miranda
Oficial de Finanças Livia Dominici
Tesoureira Manuella Tavares
Assistente de Pesquisa Viviane Franco
Assistente Pessoal do Embaixador Carol Barki
Estagiária de Mídias Sociais Mariana Luz